Intercultural Trainings for the Higher Education Sector


A. For Students:


Due to my long professional experience at universities in Germany and abroad as well as the constant contact with German and international students, I am very familiar with the linguistic and cultural challenges they face when they go abroad. These aspects are fully taken into account in my services for both in-coming and out-going students.


For In-comings:

The increasing focus on internationalization at universities and colleges brings a lot of talent to Germany, but also carries the potential for cultural misunderstandings. To facilitate the entry of international students in the German system and everyday life in Germany, I offer intercultural preparation seminars in English. These seminars complement the language training and make the students "Fit for Studies in Germany".


For Out-goings:

Studying abroad offers German students the opportunity to improve their language skills and benefit from the new university system. However, another very important aspect is that they get to know a new culture and live in a new environment. Seminars on intercultural awareness and country-specific training will help them to prepare for their stay abroad in many ways.


B. For Employees


The internationalization of universities and contact with students and academic staff from around the world brings new challenges for the employees of a university at all levels. Therefore, I offer both cross-cultural and country-specific training for employees and lecturers in higher education.

Please contact me for further information, I would be happy to develop a programme for your university.